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My knowledge is your strength, our Constitution is your shield!

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About Alisa

A proud Flagstonian, permanently residing in Flagstaff, Arizona, since 2019. As a Paralegal I display my sense of dedication to assist you in the best possible manner, using skills and abilities to exercise a proper judgement and discretion, maintaining the confidentiality of the matters discussed, while being ethical and disciplined by not violating your Constitutional Rights. I am willing to work in conjunction with your Attorney or Lawer, to present your case and/or achieve an efficient and desired outcome.

Selecting the profession of being a Paralegal and obtaining the education is one of my many other professional qualifications. For who I am today, and have become is due to both my parents’ encouragements, my father’s in particular, whose memory I wish to dedicate all my achieved success in my career advancements, likewise in life, and last but not least, the love and support of my beloved, immediate family members.

“The one who is willing to acknowledge own faults, a legal assistance will be provided. My knowledge is your strength and our Constitution is your shield.”

My Areas of Specialty

Paralegals have diverse duties, starting from simple to complex, customarily performed by a Lawyer but maybe handled by a non-lawyer, which includes but not limited to legal drafting, legal research, analysis in Litigations settings, such as Federal, State, Municipal, and Immigration Law, to those who struggle to fully comprehend and/or uncertain as to what steps to take, route to follow, how to prepare/submit appropriate relevant documents, and/or applied applications in search of answers.

My Sense of Dedication

"As a Paralegal I display my sense of dedication to assist you in the best possible manner!"

three steps to success

I Will Guide You Every Step Of The Way

Paralegal’s field of advisory is broad and could lead or guide you to obtain a desired outcome, but ultimately, it’s up to you to take the first step towards the right direction.


First Step In The Right Direction

Your candor and truthfulness are imperative aspects, if not the foundation in finding the solution to your troubles.


Acquired Paralegal Assistance

Your forthcoming demeanor will enable me to assist you in best possible manner


Your Desired Outcome

It is the outcome of the cumulative and substantive efforts of mine, as a Paralegal, and yours, as a Legal assistance inquirer.