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Paralegal / Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance, Drafting, Research, and Litigation Analysis


My Areas of Specialty

Paralegals have diverse duties, starting from simple to complex, customarily performed by a Lawyer but maybe handled by a non-lawyer, which includes but not limited to the following:

I provide legal assistance in giving distinction between various levels of court jurisdiction, such as Federal, State or Municipal, to those who struggle to fully comprehend and/or are uncertain as to what steps to take or route to follow, and/or approach to apply in search of answers.

There is no mystery about Paralegal’s duties in providing Legal assistance and Drafting documents, agreements, contracts, pleadings, briefs or discovery documents, other than being clear, concise and utterly comprehended as to what is intended to correspond to reader of this text. The rule is to articulate Legal matters in a manner by not leaving the Plaintiff and/or Defendant discouraged but hopeful that there is a solution and answer to their individual concerns.

The paramount and imperative aspect of Paralegal’s work is the Legal Research, which includes searching pertinent authorities, as well as similar cases and statutes applicable. It involves Substantive law, which deals with individual rights, duties, obligations, etc. Legal Research has three categories: Primary sources, Secondary sources and Finding tools.

My assistance may and not limited to in pending Litigation matters, be that Civil and/or Criminal. Civil litigation as opposed to Criminal litigation, involves a conflict between two parties, such as matters of tort or contract disputes, personal injury cases, medical or professional malpractice, breach, or non-compliance of another party to the contract. In Assistance in Criminal litigations is to determine the statutes that applicable to the case, which means interpreting as to how it is pertinent and may apply to your pending case.